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What Is The Chemical Composition Of Air?

The composition of air.

Air is all around us. Without it we would die. But what is air? What is the chemical composition air that we breathe? The chemical composition of atmospheric air is relatively uniform worldwide. The following is for dry air at sea level.

Nitrogen N2 - 78.084 percent

Oxygen O2 - 20.947 percent

Argon Ar   - 0.934 percent

Carbon Dioxide CO2 - 0.033 percent.

The above four gasses make up 99.998 percent of the chemical composition of air on earth.

The tiny fraction of a percent of the remainder of the composition of air contains the following:

Neon Ne - 18.2 ppm (parts per million)

Helium He - 5.2 ppm

Krypton Kr - 1.1 ppm

Sulfur Dioxide SO2 - 1.0 ppm

Methane CH4 - 2.0 ppm

Hydrogen H2 - 0.5 ppm

Nitrous Oxide N2O - 0.5 ppm

Xenon Xe - 0.09 ppm

Ozone O2 - 0 to 0.07 ppm

Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 - 0.02 ppm

Iodine I2 - 0.01 ppm

Carbon Monoxide CO - 0.0 to trace

Ammonia NH3 - trace

While the above composition of air assumes dry, clean air at sea level, the earth's atmosphere contains water vapor, dust and pollution in varying amounts depending on the distance from a pollution source and the humidity level. On average the water content of air on earth is around 1%.





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