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How Water Timers Can Reduce Your Water Bill and Save You Hours Of Time



How Water Timers Work


Water timers are wonderful time saving inventions that can be purchased for as little as forty dollar or less. (More for dual hose models).

They enable you to set a predetermined schedule for a sprinkler to come on or to feed soaker hoses.

Plants thrive best when they are watered regularly. What causes shock to many bedding plants is too much cycling of dry and wet soil.

A water timer keeps you beds the same moisture all of the time, allowing roots to grow deeper, reducing water use.

You may want to start off at one time setting and gradually reduce it over the coming weeks as the soil loads up with moisture.

Water timers can accommodate most city's water laws. If you have an odd and even system it is easy to set the timer to just come on those days. You may have to check it periodically since many timers do not adjust their clocks for leap year.

You can expect battery life (most use AA batteries) to be about two months. Duracell or other long life batteries perform best.

Keep the water timer out of direct sun or place some kind of shade over it since direct sunlight can shorten the life of the plastic housing and the batteries as well.

The thing that you want to look for in a good water timer is simplicity. Ones with a single outer control wheel are easier to understand and to program for most people.

More intricate timers, under a plastic cover with multiple buttons may be too complex for the average user and require too much time to program. The LR Nelson water timer is on example of an easy to understand timer.

Make sure that you are purchasing a scheduling water timer.

Some cheaper ones are just manual timers that you have to turn on every time you use them. While these save water as well by shutting the hose off after the number of minutes you select on the control wheel (such as the Gilmour Group Model), you still have to manually operate them each time.

Secure the hose leading to the timer to avoid it pulling away from the faucet and breaking the plastic connection to the hose. This is the biggest cause of failure of water timers so keeping tension off the hose with clamps, etc, is important since they are not super strong and you don't want a free flowing faucet.

Water timers can last for years if properly taken care of and because they water the same amount every time can grow better gardens and save hundreds of gallons of water.




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