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Simple Loan Payment Calculator

Saving Money and Frugal Living

In these tough recession times it is more important than ever to save money. Here are some tips on how to cut your household budget, make a buck go farther and save energy around the home and office. See The Thrifty Living Bookstore for some great books.

Here are some articles that offer penny pinching tips or ways to earn extra income.

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How to Cut Your Household Bills            How to Prepare For Hyperinflation   How To Tell If An Iraqi Dinar Bill Is Fake

How to save on batteries around the house        Current Gold Price  How To Invest In Gold As Protection From Inflation

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Make your own eco friendly silver, brass, copper and stainless steel cleaners. 

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Will there be government rebates for solar panels and solar hot waters heaters for 2009?

Do whirlybird roof vents and solar roof vents work?  How to Find Cheap Men's Designer Shirts

Do Insulating Paints really work?     How To Use Volunteer Credit Counselors To Avoid Foreclosure

How to prepare your home and family for peak oil    How To Invest In Water Infrastructure

How Induction cooktops work. A guide to induction ranges.    How To Buy The Iraq Dinar. Currency Trading

Save money and water with a dual flush toilet.   How To Choose Between An RO Unit and Faucet Filter

Water timers save hours of time, money and water

How to save a bundle on printer ink cartridges

How to get free Wifi - Internet with long range Wifi adapters and antennas.

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 My Tiny Calculator For Simple Calculations

 How to Convert Almost Any Toilet to Dual Flush

How to Find Out How Many Aluminum Cans Make Up a Pound




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