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Master Reset Code for Nokia Cell Phones Including Series 40, 60, 80,

Nokia cell phone reset code

Here are some master reset codes for some models of Nokia phones including series


Below are some reset codes for various Series 40, 60 and the new Series 80 Communicator series (Nokia 9300/9500):

Full Reset: It clears everything off the phone memory so be sure to back up your contacts before proceeding.  *#7370#, 12345 and then Yes.

Soft Reset: *#7780#, 12345 and then Yes. Works on Nokia S40 phones as a full reset as well



This deletes the Email, GPRS,  and MMS settings that cannot be erased via other Nokia phone options.

For the Nokia 9300 and Nokia 9500 you can try the following reset procedure.

1. Turn off phone and take out battery
2. Insert battery, and while it boots up press and hold Ctrl + Shift + F
3. After a few seconds you will be asked if you want to format or cancel.


If this does not work contact your carriers technical support by dialing 611.








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