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Marcellus Shale Oilfield Jobs. Drilling Rig Job Resources

Drilling rig in the Marcellus shale

While much of the economy is suffering there is a potential bright spot. The Marcellus shale, a new natural gas discovery that lies under Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New York is already creating new jobs in the area. What kind of jobs are they and how can you find one? Here is a description of some potential Marcellus Shale jobs and places to look.

The type of drilling being done in the Marcellus shale is called horizontal drilling. It is different from normal oil and gas drilling in that a horizontal well, or several of them, is drilled outward from the rig site, up to a few thousand feet so that the reservoir can be more effectively drained of natural gas. The types of jobs that result from horizontal drilling however, are much the same as conventional natural gas drilling jobs.

The following areas will see a need for new workers in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New York and Marcellus shale drilling increases.

Map of Marcellus shale in Pennsylvania and West Virginia Map Of The Marcellus Shale. Grey Area Should See Many New Jobs In Coming Months.

Truck Drivers. Truck drivers with a CDL with airbrake endorsement will be needed to move rigs, haul heavy equipment and haul liquids such as water and drilling mud to well locations. Look in local newspapers such as the ones in the resources section below.

Rig Workers - Roughnecks

Most often a drilling rig will already have roughnecks who are trained and ready to work. The oilfield has been hit hard by the recession and there are many out of work in other parts of the country who are highly skilled. However, as the oilfield in general recovers there will be a need to fill those positions locally. For those with no experience whatsoever, the job of a roughneck can be quite intimidating. It is dangerous, complex work. Consider applying to work as a roustabout, or general oil rig laborer to gain experience first. Once the Marcellus shale gets booming there should be employment notices in local papers and in the state employment websites listed below. Persons with mechanical aptitude, military training and construction skills are good candidates. The minimum requirement for many companies is a GED or high school diploma. Applicants for Marcellus shale oilfield jobs will be drug tested and must be in good physical health and able to lift at least 50 pounds.

Oilfield Service Company Jobs In The Marcellus Shale

Service companies are the backbone of the oilfield. The provide things like drilling fluid, location building, trailer homes, water hauling, satellite services, sewer, etc. As the Marcellus shale oilfield grows there will be openings for service company employees of all skill types, from electronics to laborers. Well locations or sites must be constructed so there will be heavy equipment operator jobs. There are already a few of these jobs popping up on the classified ad sites.

Production Jobs In The Marcellus Shale

All of the natural gas from Marcellus shale wells must go somewhere so there are already pipelines being built. There are a number of pipeline related jobs in the Marcellus Shale. These include journeyman welders, welders helpers, welding inspectors, see: How to Get a Job as How To Get A Job As A Welding Inspector or CWI, pipefitters, engineers, heavy equipment operators who dig the trenches for the pipeline and more. Mechanics, welders and pipe fitters are required to hook up compressor stations that boost the pressure of gas along the pipeline. Look for these kind of Marcellus shale jobs in the resources section below. As the field matures, gas companies such as Chesapeake will hire production employees who check on producing wells, read gas production charts and check the levels in tanks.

Other Marcellus Shale related jobs.

An oilfield or gas field in this case creates many support jobs and trickle down jobs. As the effects of the money flowing from Marcellus shale wells are felt in local communities a trickle down effect will occur. One only has to look a similar areas, such as the Barnett Shale near Ft. Worth - Dallas to get an idea of what kind of economic impact the Marcellus shale will have. Nearly every new town in the region has many new schools, roads that are being paved, and residents who are spending gas royalty checks on new homes and cars. So, in effect, the kind of Marcellus shale jobs that exist are virtually limitless. The gas boom will transform the region in a way that is unlike any other previous event. Unlike coal, where much of the money stays with the mining companies in certain regions, the effect of the Marcellus shale gas boom will be far reaching and long lasting. New estimates show a possible 500 trillion cubic feet of recoverable gas. This means that Marcellus shale jobs will be around for several decades.

Where To Look

Texas Oilfield Jobs (Links to Drilling Company Websites)




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