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How To Find A Job In The Marcellus Shale Drilling Area

Map Of The Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Drilling Area (Grey)

First learn what the Marcellus Formation is.

The buzz that is the Marcellus Formation is becoming a roar in the Northern United States. The Marcellus Formation is a massive rock strata that lies under Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, Appalachia and even under the Great Lakes into Canada. It holds trillions of cubic feet of natural gas and was overlooked until very recently when horizontal drilling was developed.

Learn what jobs are associated with drilling in the Marcellus shale.

There is a gold rush taking place in those areas where the Marcellus Formation is located. Once oil companies buy up the mineral rights from land owners they can begin the process of planning to drill. Currently there is a shortage of drilling rigs in the United States but that will change.

The jobs that will be available in the Marcellus Formation include everything from land men who search courthouse records to locate owners of land and offer them leases, to construction and heavy equipment operators to prepare oil rig locations and dig pipeline trenches. Welders will be needed to lay miles of pipeline to thousands of gas wells.

There will be compressor stations located along major pipelines that will require maintenance crews. Gas wells all require sophisticated meters which are hooked up by microwave antenna to a central station to monitor them.

Consider a rig job.

During the drilling phase oil companies will need experienced rig workers yet unskilled roustabouts will be in demand. One way to work your way up to roughneck is to start as a roustabout.
In addition to the thousands of skilled workers in exploration and production oil companies and service companies will have to hire accountants to manage oil royalties, human resource employees and administrative assistants.

There will be a small rebirth of the dying steel industry to serve the massive need for pipe and tanks.
Shipping and trucking will be hot jobs as well. "Hot shot" drivers will be needed who own their own large trailer and pickup to deliver equipment to rig sites where semi trucks may have trouble going.

The Marcellus Shale Formation will undoubtedly bring more change to this area of the US than perhaps even coal did. With it will bring many very good jobs to an area that desperately needs them.




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