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How To Wire a 30 Amp Travel Trailer Directly To A Breaker Box

How to wire your Rv to a breaker panel

Note: Always verify what type of system you have with the RV manufacturer. In most cases 30 amp travel trailers feature a three prong plug such as the one above and use 125 volts. This system can deliver about 3500 watts of power to the appliances inside. This small amount of wattage means that you cannot run your microwave at the same time as the water heater, coffee maker, blow dryer etc. A blow dryer uses 1500 watts, or almost half your capacity!

If you want to wire your travel trailer directly to a breaker box for long term use you might use this method. First you need to get a RV extension cord for 30 amp service. These effectively double the length of your RV power cord. You can find these at Wal Mart.

Next, cut the end off of the extension cord that you bought. Using an exacto knife, carefully cut about 12 inches of the insulation off of the wire. Be careful not to cut the insulation of the wires.

Turn the power off to the breaker, carefully remove the breaker panel cover and verify that it is de-energized using a multimeter. Next, locate a spot where you can add a 30 amp breaker.

Knock out one of the hole covers in the bottom of the breaker panel and using a cable clamp secure the RV cable wires so that they cannot be pulled out. Make sure you have pulled enough wire inside the breaker box to attach to the breaker and common and ground lugs.

Wiring Rv to breaker panel Make sure you have a breaker rated at 30 amps for 30 amp RV service.

Now attach the green wire to the ground side of the breaker box and the white wire to the common side of the breaker box. The black wire will go to the breaker. Tighten the wires and snap the breaker into place.

how to wire an Rv

Common side of breaker box.

Make sure you tighten the wires from the RV cable tight.  Never put both common and ground wires on the same side of the breaker box.

If in doubt about your ability to work with RV power contact an electrician. Keep children out of breaker boxes by putting a lock on them.

 Always verify voltages on the hot and neutral (flat slots) and the ground (round slot) with a multimeter before plugging in the RV extension cord to the RV.

You can use a simple circuit tester like the one below to verify that the circuits in your RV have the right polarity.





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