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How to Take A New Mexico Hot Springs Vacation


There are numerous hot springs in New Mexico in which to sit and let your troubles melt away. In the northern part of the state there are several pay per use hot springs and numerous free ones that can be accessed by hiking to them such as Manby Springs near Taos.

For a relaxing New hot springs vacation Ojo Caliente in Northern New Mexico is tops with many visitors.
It is the only hot springs in the world with four different kinds of springs near each other.

Plan a New Mexico hot springs vacation that includes a trip to Ojo Caliente. There is an arsenic spring, with very low levels of arsenic that are non toxic but reported to cure skin ailments, a soda spring, a lithia spring which contains lithium and an iron spring rich in iron oxide.
There are various pools fed by these springs, some covered, some not, ranging from 88 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

Map Of Ojo Caliente New Mexico

Nearby are cozy cabin type lodges which can be rented for a reasonable rate.
Bring a comfortable swim suit that does not fade and comfortable slippers and sunglasses. The fee for day use is $16 for Monday to Thursday, $22 for Friday through Sunday. There is a sunset rate, after 6 PM which is four dollars off the normal rate.

In addition to being able to just pay the fee for day use at Ojo Caliente hot springs, they have spa packages which include massage, lodging and use of private, clothing optional pools.

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, free of stress consider a New Mexico hot springs spa vacation to renew your body and soul.
Ojo Caliente is located approximately 40 miles north of Santa Fe.
Try the New Mexico Tourism board for a full listing of spas and hot spring resorts in New Mexico.

The following is the website for Ojo Caliente:




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