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How To Steam Crabs The Old Bay Way.

Here is a simple recipe for steaming crabs using Old Bay Seasoning that is used by many folks, from both up North to down South.

Old bay seasoning is a very versatile seafood spice that does not take away from the delicate flavor of crabs. I use it on the crabs we catch here in the bay in Louisiana and my cousin uses the same method in Texas. If it's not hot enough, add a tablespoon of Tabasco or a half teaspoon of cayenne pepper, but try it without first.

By Bill T.


What you will need to have to steam crabs.

  •  White vinegar (not cider vinegar)
  • Can of Old Bay Seasoning
  • One dozen fresh crabs


First step to steam crabs,


In a large volume pot with a  rack  on the bottom (mine is about 18" tall) add  some water and vinegar in equal amounts until the level  of the liquid is just below the rack and not above it.

Next step in steaming crabs,

Layer your crabs down in the pot, seasoning each layer well with Old Bay Seasoning. ( You will need about one  half cup  of  Old Bay seasoning for the entire pot of crabs)


Cover the pot with a lid and steam until the outside of the crabs are red. That's how you will know when they are done.






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