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How To Save A Bundle On Men's Designer Shirts


The first step

is to decide whether you can live with wearing a

shirt that has been "gently worn" by someone else your size or if you have to have a brand new designer shirt. Remember, once you wash it, it's used. Most shirts in consignment stores have been worn a couple of times or never. Ones in Goodwill may have more wear on them, maybe not. Rich people don't tend to garden in their rich shirts. If you decide new, then you don't need the next steps. Your options are E-Bay and Outlet stores or special, one day a year type sales such as Foley's after Christmas sale though short sleeves can be hard to find that time of year. Outlets and Ebay will save you at least 30% off the large mall stores.

Step 2

If you can live with wearing another man's clothes then find the richest neighborhood in town that has a Goodwill store or Men's Clothing Consignment store close by. Stores near colleges are good bets since mommy and daddy might have spent thousands dressing their kid to be a preppy only for him to go grunge once he gets away from home.

 For trendy designer stuff, The Buffalo Exchange can be found in many cities and has some nice stuff hidden on the racks. Now get going. Put your pride away and think of the how nice you will feel saving a few hundred dollars that you could spend on some cool gadget, tool, flat screen, etc. that you really want. Get in the car and start hunting.

 For your manliness sake, this isn't really shopping, this is hunting, something you have 2 million years of genes wired for. You know exactly what you want, within a color shade or two so get after it.

Walk in the store like a man on a mission, find the long row of shirts in your size and develop a technique for flipping through the shirts. Rate the shirts on your style, color preference, wear, stains, tears, etc and set the best aside for the fitting room.

Don't buy anything, even if it is a $90 Ralph Lauren for $3.00 without trying it on since some of these shirts have been tailored. Bliss is finding one, in your style and color that has been tailored to your exact size. I have found them a few times.

Step 3

That's it. Chances are if you have followed the steps above you have found at least a couple shirts that retail for a Benjamin for under ten dollars each. You'll get a little happy feeling every time you put that shirt on knowing how much you saved and, how much others think you spent. Happy Hunting!




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