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Here is how to reset the "change engine oil" message  light on a full size Chevy 2500 Diesel.




This method of resetting the change oil message works to reset the Chevrolet truck change oil light for the 2500 model,  years 2004 and 2005 and it may work for other  other model years as well.

First step

To reset the Chevrolet truck change oil message light is to  close the driver side door,  I don't know why this is necessary but I swear it makes a difference.

Next step to reset the Chevrolet truck change oil light. Turn the  ignition key to RUN without starting the motor.


Next step to reset the Chevrolet truck change oil message:


Fully depress and release the gas pedal slowly, three times within five seconds. You should notice the "change engine oil" message light flash for five seconds and the system should be fully reset.
If you start your Chevrolet truck and still have the change oil message light displayed,  then just repeat the above procedure.

 Often I will have to do it around four times on my 2005 Duramax diesel to get it to go off. If  all that fails,  then see your Chevrolet dealer.
Remember that the change oil warning indicator you are resetting  is  part of  Chevrolet's patented "oil life" system which supposedly  uses a sophisticated program to calculate, based on speed, engine rpm, mileage and so on, when you should change your  engine oil.

 Myself and a lot of other folks don't  really trust it and instead change our  motor oil  at a regular intervals, such as 3000 miles for non synthetic oil and at a longer interval for synthetic. If you use the truck in harsh environments, pulling a trailer, etc you may want to change your oil  more often.




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