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How To Repaint Plastic Lawn Furniture

By Karl Schultz


Unfortunately plastic lawn furniture does not always stay looking the same as the day you brought it home. Here is how to repaint a plastic lawn chair so that it looks brand new or has a totally different style. Most plastic lawn furniture is made from HDPE, or high density polyurethane. It can be painted with a spray paint formulated for plastic, such as Krylon Fusion or Rustoleum For Plastic. Follow these easy steps and you will have outdoor furniture that looks even better than the day you bought it. Take a look at the chair below, which is one that I bought at Lowes over two years ago.

It is badly faded and has a very dull gray color. I wanted to spruce it up a little, so I repainted this lawn chair using the method described below. Note that the chair on the left is not the exact same chair as the one in the next photo, but is from a set of six that I repainted. By the way, the plant in the photo is an ornamental plant called the Texas Lilac Bush, not something else which has a similar leaf structure!

How much does it cost to repaint plastic furniture? Chairs require about two cans of paint, while tables require about two and a half to three cans. Cost varies, but a can of  spray paint  for plastic normally sells for around $5.  Since new ones sell for over $30, it's like getting a new chair for about one third the cost!

How To Repaint A Plastic Lawn Chair or Table Set.

Step One

First spray the chair with a heavy duty cleaner and degreaser, such as Simple Green or 409, then let it sit for a few minutes. Using a garden hose and a scrub brush, clean every part of the plastic lawn chair. For sets that have been outside for a couple of seasons, you may have to scrub extra hard to remove oxidation. If the plastic is brittle and cracks easily, you should throw the furniture away to avoid the chance of injury.

Step Two In Painting Plastic Lawn Furniture

Let the chairs dry in the sun for a few hours. Spread out a drop cloth or plastic sheeting on your lawn and pick a calm day for painting. Wear a respirator and a long sleeved shirt. To repaint a plastic lawn chair it will take anywhere from one and a half to two cans of  a spray paint such as Krylon Fusion. Shake the can well and using even strokes apply one coat of paint to all parts of chair that you can get to when it is sitting on four legs. After that coat is dry, turn the chair over and get the parts on the back that you missed. Allow the bottom and back to dry, then place the chair back on its four legs and repeat the process one more time with another coat of paint. Two coats of paint will help reduce chipping and stand up to the elements better.  That's it, you're done. Repainting a plastic lawn chair can give your patio of deck a whole new look for about a third of the cost you would pay for new chairs. In addition to giving your more funky color choices to match your outdoor area, painting plastic patio furniture with spray paint made specifically for plastics can help it last many more years.

Maintaining Painted Plastic Lawn Chairs and Furniture

Check plastic lawn furniture for signs of fading, peeling and cracking each season. You can use light sandpaper to remove areas that are flaking off before applying a touchup coat of spray paint.




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