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How to Remove Ceramic Tile From Walls

by  Steve

You're ready and itching to take on that bathroom remodeling project and get that ugly wall tile off and replace it with something more modern. Here are some tips and tricks to make removing wall tile a bit easier.

First Step In Removing Tile From Walls.

 You will want to cover the floor up to the edge of the tile you are going to remove with a heavy  drop cloth to prevent damage to the other floor from the sharp edges and falling tile. Put away all bathroom items and cover the toilet and tub too to prevent scratches.

Don't do like this guy who probably trashed his tub removing his wall tile...

Then make sure that  electrical outlets have been shut off at the breaker. Turn off the main source of water lines that may be routed behind the wall.
If the tile has been grouted  onto masonry or  concrete  then you are simply going to have to chip each piece off with a chisel and mallet and depending on the kind of grout used this can be a lengthy, noisy, messy process, not to mention dangerous to the eyes and face. Be sure to wear a full face shield.
If the tile has been set on a backer board you can use a sawzall to cut each section away.

Chip off one of the tiles and use your masonry hole saw to cut a 1"  hole  through the backer board.  Net, insert your sawzall  with a masonry blade attached, and  start cutting outward from the pilot hole that you drilled with the hole saw,  cut out into the grout lines and remove a couple of tiles and the backer board behind them. Try not to damage the other  drywall on the opposite wall.

Next step in removing wall tile: Use a small mirror and flashlight and and look up into the wall behind the tile you are about to cut,

 to locate any electrical wires or water lines that you could potentially saw. Then you can continue and cut l out arger sections, holding your reciprocating saw  blade up against, but not cutting the studs. Lay these  pieces to the side, out of your work area. After you remove all the larger sections between the studs you will end up having strips of tile and backer board left over covering the studs and still attached by nails . Use a hammer and chisel to knock the nails or screws free of the studs. If long screws were used you may need to break the tile and backer board off and use a cordless drill and #2 bit to unscrew them pr use a hand grinder to grind them flush if they are too rusty to remove.

To Remove Tile From Walls safely, always wear protective gear, including safety glasses, gloves and a long sleeved shirt. Removing wall tile is not fun but doing it yourself can save a bundle of money.

good luck. 




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