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How To Make Animals and Pictures With Text Letters. ASCII Art.

        O   ^__^
         o  (oo)_______
            (__)       )\/\
                ||----w |
                ||     ||     Text picture of a cow, from Craigslist
There are many ways to make fun animals and pictures using the letters on your keyboard. This art form has been around even before the computer age and began with the typewriter.
Here is how to make a text bunny picture: 
Here is how to make a text rose: 
Here is a cat made from ASCII symbols
  /   /  .   . \                 
  \   \    ^   /
  \  /        \
  \ /______  \ 
Here is an ASCII pig             
 ( /\ )
ASCII Snoopy. 
      / |  '     \         
     (  )         o  
      \_/-, ,----'            
         ====           // 
        /  \-'~;    /~~~(o)
       /  __/~|   /       |     
     =(___  _____| (_________|   
Here is a text cat:
,_     _
 / _  _ |    ,--.
(  @  @ )   / ,-'
 \  _t_/-._( (
 /         `. \
|         _  \ |
 \ \ ,  /      |
  || |-_\__   /
Text mouse, ASCII art.
 _  )_
 (o o)
Fox made with keyboard characters:
(.".)~~     )`~}}
 \o/\ /---~\\ ~}}
   _//    _// ~}
Fish keyboard art, sent to us by John Frenzley. Nice job!
Text art or ASCII art is easy to make with the symbols and letters on your keyboard. Let your imagaination run wild.
To make pictures with text and symbols first draw a sketch of what you want to make and then begin replacing parts of 
the picture with keyboard symbols. Look around your keyboard for characters that will fit certain aspects of the picture.
For example, choose 0 or O for eyes, Equals sign for eyebrows or moustache.
It's just one more way to waste time when it is slow at work. Send us your text animals at the link below.
Send Us Your ASCII Art




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