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How To Make A Spy Keychain. James Bond Keychain, Basics 

spy keychain

Hopelessly addicted to gadgets like me? If so, how can you let your keychain just sit there, naked, with only keys and a rabbits foot, nail clipper or a plastic tag from the car dealership?

Would James Bond have been caught dead with just a lucky rabbit's foot on his set of Aston Martin keys? I think not. In addition to his trusty metal cutting laser pen and grappling hook watch he might have added some of the  items in this article. A proper spy keychain needs an assortment of survival tools and gadgets. Ones that would make James Bond proud. The gadgets need to be small enough to all fit on the keychain and be comfortable in your pocket. They should be durable, easy to operate in a tough situation and discrete. There are gadgets available to us now that Sean Connery's Bond would have loved to have had in his wallet.

You're So Manly, James Bond!

Your spy keychain should also contain gadgets that can be used to win you the admiration of ladies, such as a corkscrew to open a bottle of wine.  Your spy keychain is an extension of your manhood, so to speak. Female spies need spy keychains as well. My female counterpart carries a small canister of mace and a container of lip gloss on her spy keychain.

Airport Security And The Spy Keychain

I am able to take most things on my James Bond spy key chain through airport security, except the Swiss Army watch and fire starter. Those I keep on a quick disconnect that is easily detachable. Everything else on the spy keychain is legal.

Here is a few of the things on my spy keychain.  First I added a  simple Swiss Army knife. Later I upgraded to one with multiple tools including both kinds of screwdrivers, pliers, file, and saw blades. Next, in case I was stranded out in the woods, freezing to death, I added a magnesium fire starter like the one below. You scrape the little blade thing up against the magnesium shaft and a rain of sparks flies off. With a little practice you can set fire to dry grass or newspaper and build a fire. It works when matches fail and lasts for several years. I saw these on the bush pilots key chains when we took a fishing trip in Alaska.

 fire starter for spy keychain

Then, in case I was stuck out in a life raft, floating helplessly in the ocean, I added a waterproof capsule containing a fish hook and eight feet of monofilament fishing line, to catch my dinner. After reading the book "Adrift" about a guy who spends several months alone at sea in a life raft, I figured it was a good idea.

I might need to signal an overhead airplane so I added to my spy keychain a combination laser pointer and LED flashlight. I use it to find my way to the car in my office parking lot when I am not stuck in life rafts in the ocean. It works great to tease our housecat with. She jumps up on the wall following the bouncing laser dot.

spy laser flashlight

Now I have just about everything on my spy key chain, or James Bond keychain as I like to call it, that I need. I did find one more gadget, that I had to add to it. I saw it at the Sharper Image in the mall. It is a tiny universal "spy remote" called the Ninja remote, that controls any kind of TV, anywhere. You can turn the TV in the airport lobby on or off, up or down. If the TV in the sports bar is on the wrong channel you can reach in your pocket and change the channel, if nobody around you disagrees. I have used it now more than once to turn down the volume of an annoying airport TV. "Cool, I've got to get one of those" is the response I usually get from other passengers in the lobby.

The Ninja Stealth Remote spy stealth remote control c

Other things you might want to add to your spy keychain are a tiny compass, mini writing pen, mini pocket watch and a whistle. You might try an ultrasonic whistle too, just to annoy the neighbor's dog.

With the spy remote control my spy keychain and my powers are are now almost complete. I vow to use the instruments on my spy keychain for good and not for world domination, yet I am ready to take on almost anyone. I am prepared to light the way for damsels in distress or start a fire in the cold north woods if we are freezing to death. I can even catch us a delicious bass and cook it on that fire.

 I am still waiting on the keychain sized laser blaster or grappling hook when it comes on the market. In the meantime I have enough tools to handle just about any situation that comes up, including Dr. Phil in the dentist's lobby.




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