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How To Grow Potatoes In Old Car Tires

Potatoes growing in old car tire.


There are a couple of  different ways of growing potatoes in old car  tires that work pretty well.

Growing Potatoes In Old Tires. Method One

Both methods of growing potatoes in old tires  work well if you have rocky soil that is normally not easy to dig for potatoes in.

First you  stack up three to four old  car tires then fill them with good organic top soil

(I suppose you could even use giant truck tires for growing potatoes if you were able to acquire them and move them yourself)

Next you plant two to three seed potato pieces  (sliced off shoots growing out of a potato with some potato attached)

about an inch deep in the topmost tire.

Keep an eye on the moisture and water when needed. If it is drying out too much because of your climate, wrap old burlap bags around the tires to help hold in moisture. When it is time to harvest all you have to do is remove the layers of tires, no digging required!

Method Two Of Growing Potatoes In Old Car Tires

Another  slightly different method of growing potatoes in old tires that works well  is to partly bury a tire on the ground, fill it with soil and plant the potatoes inside the tire.

Plant two seed potato pieces  about an inch deep.

Once the potato plants have grown three or four inches place a second tire on top of the first and fill it with more soil.

 Leave at least a couple of inches of  growth above the level of the soil.

Keep repeating the process as  the plants grow.

Continue adding to the stack until your have three or four tires.

When you can dig down, or separate a couple of the middle tires and see fully grown potatoes it is time to harvest the whole stack.

tips on growing potatoes in old tires.

If you want to decorate your potato tire garden  to hide the tires I suggest rolls of bamboo shade screen cut to the height of the tires and wrapped around them and bound with twine.

After you are done with your potato garden make sure you cover them well and keep the tires dry until next season since mosquitos will breed in water that collects in the tires.

You can get old tires for free at just about any small car garage. Give them a rinse with simple green soap and a scrub brush. Wear gloves since sharp objects may be inside the tires.




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