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How To Get Phone Company Cable Splicer Jobs

phone company cable splicer jobs


What Does A Phone Company Cable Splicer Do?

Look around on any given day as you are driving around town and chances are you might spot a phone company cable splicer at work. If you have ever seen a phone company truck parked on the side of the road and a worker sitting under an umbrella you may not have realized that person was a cable splicer. The job of a phone company cable splicer is to repair and maintain complex multi line copper or fiber optic phone cables that carry voice, data and video. Splicing multi line phone cables must be done when the line is replaced, cut or otherwise modified. The men and women who do this job must work quickly and efficently to keep the data that we depend on flowing at all times.

What The Job Of A Phone Company Cable Splicer Is Like

Working conditions for phone company cable splicers vary greatly. The job can be working on the side of the road, up in a bucket lift working on pole mounted cables, on the side of the road working under an umbrella or tent type enclosure, in a van, or even down in an underground vault or sewer. (If you suffer from claustrophobia, this might not be the best job for you since workers often must set up splicing operations in very close quarters. Phone company cable splicers as well as cable TV splicers work in all types of weather to keep the network up and running. Salaries vary depending on the complexity of the type of network and the company. At the high end of the pay scale are phone company cable splicers that work on transoceanic cables.

Job Requirements For Cable Splicers

Be detail oriented. The duties of a phone company cable splicer will be to read and understand complex diagrams and schematics, trace and identify lines to be spliced, work with delicate fiber optic splicing equipment and hand tools. A phone company cable splicer may work on circuits that are energized to avoid service interruption. Phone cables may be insulated with a gas, oil or other liquid and the cable splicer must insulate and re-shield phone cables and waterproof the splice.

To become a phone company cable splicer you must get a good education. The requirements for becoming a cable splicer normally include graduation from and accredited two year college program in communications technology or electrical engineering technology along with a high school diploma. An apprenticeship program may be required, such as that by Seattle City Light, to become a certified cable splicer. Requirements vary from company to company.

Search for cable splicer jobs with utilities like Southwestern Bell, Verizon and AT&T.
Cable splicer jobs are usually forty hours a week but there is always the opportunity for overtime due to accidents such as when an underground cable is dug up by accident.

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