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How To Become An Air Conditioning Repairman

jobs in air conditioning repair


There is a growing need for air conditioning repair technicians, both male and female. Without air conditioning life as usual would not go on in many hot states like Texas and Arizona. Air conditioning is vital for hospitals, factories and homes nowadays. Air conditioning repairman jobs pay well, with the Bureau Of Labor Statistics reporting the median wage to be between $16.91 and $19.51 an hour.

This does not include overtime pay and bonuses. The BLS lists the outlook for jobs in air conditioning repair to be "excellent" for the next decade.  The technology is always evolving, due in part to stricter environmental regulations. The current system of refrigeration, which repaced the worst ozone depleting refrigerants, may also be phased out soon in favor of systems that use more eco friendly gasses and liquids to heat and cool.

Steps To Becoming An Air Conditioning Repairman

The most common path to becoming an air conditioning repairman is to attend a junior college or technical school and take the required courses to graduate. Upon graduation you will most likely work as an apprentice for a period of time, up to several years in some states. After you have completed you apprenticeship with a licensed air conditioning repairman you are eligible to take the state exam.

Sample courses in a technical college air conditioning training program may include the following:

  • Theory of Heat and Basic Air Conditioning Systems
  • Tool Equipment and Safety Practices
  • Electric Motors and Compressor Theory
  • Air Flow Distribution and Ductwork
  • Heat Pump Design and Theory
  • Customer Communication Skills
  • Environmental Issues and Procedures

Where To Train To Become An Air Conditioning Repairman                              

The following schools have programs in air conditioning technology: University of Southern California, Michigan State, Southwestern University, Cal Poly, University of Arizona, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Michigan State, and many more junior colleges and technical schools. There are even online universities offering training that can mostly be completed at home. Online schools offering courses in air conditioning include Devry University, (combination of online and classroom), and ITT Tech. Since so much of air conditioning technology must be learned "hands on" it is not really possible to get a good education in the field by taking only online courses. A combination of home study and classroom work, such as at Devry University is recommended.

Once you have completed your training there are different requirements for each state prior to taking the state exam. Texas for example has the following requirements:

  • The state issues two types of air conditioning technician licenses, Class A and B. An A license permits you to work on any size of equipment. A class B license allows you to work on equipment up to 25 tons and 1.5 MBTU heating capacity. For both A and B licenses you need an endorsement for environmental air conditioning, process cooling or commercial refrigeration.

  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and have had three years of documented air conditioning experience within the last five years prior to the test.

Other states have even stricter requirements. It may take up to five years to train and work as an apprentice until actually becoming a licensed air conditioning repairman. Military air conditioning repair experience can be counted toward the three years.

Air conditioning repairman jobs are a good fit for technical minded men and women and the outlook for the sector is very good. If you are looking for a job with long term growth potential and a chance to learn cutting edge technology then consider becoming an air conditioner repairman.




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