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How To Get A Job As A Motorman In The Oilfield

motorman on oil rig, oil rig jobs


A motorman is more than just a mechanic on oil rigs. There are many more responsibilities than what are mentioned on the job description. On small land drilling rigs the job of motorman may be done by one of the roughnecks with mechanical ability but on larger rigs and offshore a motorman will have the main job function of taking care of all the motorized machines with moving parts on the rig. This includes everything from high pressure mud pumps to the rotary table and rig itself, draw works, fresh and salt water pumps and generators. The motorman may fill in for floor hands when they "drag up" or fail to show, on some smaller rigs.

Although companies normally want some kind of oilfield experience you may be able to get hired now that the oilfield is booming by having a background in diesel mechanics and a general mechanical background to support it.

Who Is a Good Candidate For Motorman Jobs?

Good candidates might be power plant mechanics, ex Navy ship mechanics and other ex military with heavy equipment repair knowledge. A strong background in Caterpillar and other diesel motors is a plus.
A motorman will work a shift the same as the rig crew in most cases which on an offshore rig may be two weeks on and two weeks off. In addition to his motorman duties he will be asked to pitch in whenever the rig is shorthanded and this may include some duties that the roughnecks and roustabouts do but his primary function will be to keep all things mechanical up and smoothly smoothly.

Where To Look For Motorman Oilfield Jobs

For job opportunities check the oilfield employment sites for Job postings and submit a well written resume that highlights your mechanical background as it might apply to the offshore oilfield. There are motorman jobs wherever there are working oil and gas drilling rigs. With new shale gas discoveries this means there are motorman jobs in more parts of the United States than ever before.

If you are not familiar with how a drilling rig functions you need to read up before your job interview. One good book that is used in oilfield training programs and is a bit hard to find is called "A Primer of Oilwell Drilling". It is expensive but well worth it. It describes in detail the equipment used on a modern drilling rig, terms and slang and how a well is drilled. It is available at The Oilfield Bookstore.

Oilfield References:

The Oilfield Bookstore





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