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How To Get A Job As A High Rise Window Cleaner


Step 1

Look around your city in the early morning and you'll see high rise window washers at work up on the tall buildings. The job of a high rise window washer is not for the faint of heart but offers good pay and the chance to work outdoors. There is a growing need for more employees in the field as new high rise buildings are built every year. High rise or skyscraper window washers or cleaners must be certified to work for most companies.

Training in the courses of Suspended Scaffolds and as a High Rise Specialist are taught by the IWCA, or the International Window Cleaning Association and prepare window cleaners to work on high rise buildings.

Step 2

Check your yellow pages and Google "high rise window cleaning" in your area. If you are interested in a job as a high rise window cleaner, are not afraid of heights and are in good physical condition, you should contact a local high rise window cleaning company in your area and inquire about job openings. Also see IWCA's site for a list of members.

Some companies will pay for your training after you are hired. Others may want you to pay for and attend training before interviewing. Since most high rise window cleaning companies now conform to the new ANSI/IWCA I-14 Window Cleaning Safety Standard, you will be taking a variety of courses. Such courses include Safety Basics and Planning, Rope Descending Systems and Suspended Scaffolds, Ladder Safety, Worksite Assessment, Fall Protection, Proper equipment maintenance, Safe chemical use and more.

Step 3

Be prepared to work non traditional work weeks. High rise window washers may work odd hours, when weather conditions permit. When not on a job they will work to maintain and inspect powered platforms and scaffolding equipment back at the shop, among other duties.
While the job of high rise or skyscraper window washer / cleaner is not for everyone, it offers you a unique view on the world and a type of freedom not found on the other side of the glass you will be cleaning.


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