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What Is My IP Address? IP Address Mirror


Where is my IP address located


Want to know what IP address you are connected to? Below you will find an IP address mirror that displays what IP address you are connected to, what operating system you are running and roughly where you are located. Don't worry, this website cannot see the information you are seeing or collect any data about you.

You are the only one who can see the information below, no other site visitors will see your info.

The widget below may display a message that seems very private, such as "nice tee shirt", etc. These are random messages.

Here Is Your IP Address

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The window below displays the nearest city to you. If you are using a wireless mobile device it may show the location of your Wireless Company's main operations center, such as Houston, if you are located in Texas.

Where Is My IP Address Located?

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What Is an IP Address

IP stands for Internet Protocol. Each computer connected to the internet has it's own IP address. An IP address shows where the computer is located on the network. Since IP addresses can be tracked to a physical location by law enforcement authorities, this is how some internet criminals are located.

Marketers may use your IP address to direct region and city specific advertising to you when you visit a certain site. For example, when you log in to Yahoo or Google's home pages you may see ads or information about your city. This is because your IP address is showing roughly where you are located. Marketers do not have access to your exact street address, since privacy laws still protect this information.

 The IANA or Internet Assigned Numbers Authority manages the allocations of IP addresses globally. The IANA works closely with five regional internet registries or RIR agencies that allocate IP addresses to providers like your cable provider.

 Your own IP address is generated by the service you are using to connect to the internet through, such as Timer Warner, Verizon, etc. Your IP address does not reside in the hardware or software of your computer. It changes when you connect through a different internet provider.

Bookmark this page to always know what IP address is associated with your computer.




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