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How To Find A Job In The Wind Energy Industry. Wind Power Jobs.


Over the next couple of decades billions of dollars will be spent in the field of renewable energy. Much of that spending will be in wind energy. A career wind energy could be an excellent choice. Wind energy jobs will be plentiful throughout the west, Midwest and Atlantic states and Canada.

The first step to take for finding a job in the wind energy industry is to locate a college or university that offers courses in wind energy technology.

Consider taking courses in alternative energy technology. Some of the community colleges that offer wind energy technology career training programs can be found below in the resources section. Check you local community college for new programs coming this fall.

Prospective candidates come from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds. Besides the fearless workers that climb the towers to maintain the wind turbines there are also jobs on the ground. A typical wind farm has miles of above ground or below ground electrical cables and communication equipment that gathers and coordinates power output from the wind farm and delivers it on to the grid.

Qualified electricians are hired by wind energy companies to maintain this network of transformers, cables and control equipment. To get a job as an electrician requires graduation form an electrician's training program at a community college or technical school and spending up to several years as an electrician's apprentice.

The placement offices of many technical schools and community colleges will often try to pair up graduates with companies that offer electrician's apprentice programs. Pairing electrician training courses with wind energy technology at one of the institutions listed below could prove very effective.
There are also many general construction workers involved when a wind farm goes up.

Each tower requires a concrete form to be constructed, which requires skilled cement workers and welders. Crane operators and heavy equipment operators who can operate a backhoe, dozer, rock saw and other equipment are also needed as the wind farm is being built. Persons with any of these skills might search the AWEA database for companies erecting new wind farms and fill out a job application. Wind energy jobs are increasing at a rate of approximately forty percent per year.

How To Find Other Types Of Jobs Related To Wind Energy

Look for jobs associated with wind farm construction. In addition to the jobs in the wind energy industry mentioned above there are jobs in transportation associated with delivering wind turbines to their destination. The turbines are usually shipped in several pieces, on special truck and trailer combination's that are oversize. There are jobs escorting the wide loads and driving the semi-trucks to be had. 

You can do a Google search for "Wide Load Escort Company".
There are jobs in the real estate end of the wind energy industry as well. Wind energy companies hire persons to scout for prospective wind turbine locations and speak to landowners about leasing their property for wind energy production. Most often they hire licensed real estate agents for these kinds of jobs.

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