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How To Choose Cruelty Free Products

how to buy cruelty free products featuring the leaping bunny The Leaping Bunny Label

Step 1

Become more aware of how some products are tested and how much pain some animals endure unnecessarily. Regardless of your opinion on animal testing for human medicine, such as cancer research there are no reasons justifying repeated tests to lab animals including rabbits and chimps for cosmetics and cleaners.
The properties of almost every single agent that is used in cosmetics and household properties have been known about to scientists for a long time and now there are software programs that can calculate the exact amount of skin irritation on humans. In spite of this we continue to subject animals to lives of constant pain as these agents are sprayed into eyes by mechanized robots for hours on end.

Step 2

Do something by making a responsible choice at the supermarket. Look for the Leaping Bunny and labels that say "cruelty free". If this horrific nightmare were occurring to humans there would be protests in the street, however our closest cousins and even rabbits feel pain just as you and I do and they have no understanding of why humans are doing these things to them.

Step 3

Become a habitual label checker when you shop. The Leaping Bunny logo and "cruelty free", indicate that no animal testing or use of animals in a cruel and inhumane way went into developing or manufacturing the product.
The Leaping Bunny label is printed on the back of products, about a third of an inch high, and looks like a rabbit jumping. This trademarked label belongs to the the CCIC or Coalition For Consumer Information On Cosmetics. It has been developed over the past few years, working with manufacturers to establish a standard for non use of animal testing and animal cruelty.

For more on how to choose cruelty free products see Cruelty Free Product Reviews




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