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How To Boost Cell Phone Signal Reception In a Metal Frame Home or With Metal Siding.

Steel Frame Home Cell Phone Problems

cell phone coverage boosters

Map Of AT&T Cell Phone Coverage Area

Cell phones don't work very well in metal framed homes and homes with metal roofs or aluminum siding due to the "faraday cage" effect. Here is how to fix the problem with a cell phone booster - amplifier.

If you have read my other articles you know that I use a cell phone booster in my vehicle and it enables me to make calls in remote areas where my phone did not work before. Now, because of our building a  new metal - steel framed home I have to use a cell phone booster inside the home as well. Instead of disconnecting my cellular booster in my truck all the time I found another type that works just as well.

This past year we bought a metal frame home kit for a 2500 square foot home and assembled it with the help of a contractor. Other than the framing you cannot tell it has a skeleton of steel and looks just like a normal home.

Poor Cell Phone Reception In Steel Framed Homes

We are very happy with our new home. It is fire proof, wind resistant to 200 mph winds and termite proof. Unfortunately the metal frame home is also cell phone signal proof. We have at least four bars outside on AT&T GSM and three bars on Verizon cell phones but barely any at all once you step inside the house.

To receive calls we have to place our cell phones on the window ledge on the side of the house that faces toward where the cell phone tower is, about 5 miles away and to make calls we either have to step outside or sit on the front porch getting mosquito bitten.

We tried an outside cell phone antenna but this means that we have to keep it connected to the phone, have the right adapter for each of our different phones. (one has no antenna jack at all) plus move to where the antenna is to make a call.

All of this had my wife frustrated to the point of almost regretting that we ever built a metal framed house since she was missing vital business calls and loosing business because of poor cell phone reception in the steel frame home.

The reason that metal roofs and metal homes, and even homes with aluminum siding interfere with cell phone signals and reception is that they cause a scientific effect called a "faraday cage" with keeps any electronic signals from coming inside. Some folks  believe that being bombarded with strong radio and television, plus power line transmissions could cause adverse health effects  and believe this may not be a bad thing but it does not help you make a cell phone call.

Just remember than cell phone amplifiers can't perform miracles. In areas where there is no signal there is nothing that will help although a booster will often help if the signal exits and is barely detectible.  Important Note: If you use Verizon you must periodically press *228 to update the list of towers in your area of your phone will not pick them up.

Each of the following boosters are "repeater" type cell phone boosters. They do not require a connection to your cell phone and pick up and amplify multiple phones and aircards within the vehicle cab or home.

The Wireless Extenders models below have very high ratings from customers on Amazon.

Note that these cell phone boosters do not work with Nextel. 

For More cell phone amplifiers and RV and Boat cellular amps see The Wilderness Electronics Store.

For how to use directional Yagi antennas for remote areas see: How to Use Long Range Cellular Yagi Antennas for Remote Areas

Read my article on boosting your cell phone reception in a vehicle here: Car and Truck Cell Phone Boosters and Amplifiers




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