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How To Know How Many Aluminum Cans Are In A Pound

how many aluminum cans in a pound


Here Is How To Find How Many Aluminum Cans It Takes To Make A Pound


Recognize that the number of cans that make up a

pound of aluminum has changed, and may change in the future. The number of aluminum cans that make up a pound has changed quite a bit over the years. In 1984 one pound of aluminum cans equaled 22 cans. In 2008 to make one pound of aluminum cans took 32 cans according to the Natural Resource Recovery Association.

Check for changes in the number of cans in a pound as technology evolves. Over the years aluminum can manufacturing technology has become more advanced and cans now can be made lighter and just as strong and manufacturing technology continues to change. Keep in mind that you are not just making money but helping the environment. It saves over 95% of the energy that would have been used to make an aluminum can from raw ore, to recycle old aluminum into new cans.

aluminum cans per pound

Contact Your Local Recycling Center

Find out how much an aluminum can is worth by contacting your local recycling center and asking how much they pay per pound. Divide the price per pound by 32. This is a rough figure since some cans, such as 16 or 24 ounce beverage cans weigh more. You can count a 24 ounce can as roughly 1.7 cans.

If the price for a pound of aluminum cans at your local recycling center is 40 cents per pound then the value of the 32 cans that make up that pound will be 1.25 cents. Of course if your state is smart enough to have a container deposit, (which should be in all 50 States in my opinion) the value of your aluminum can is whatever the deposit is, from five to fifteen cents.

Even at a penny and a quarter to two cents it's still worth it to crush and recycle your aluminum cans. Aluminum can crushers can be found on e-Bay for as little as ten dollars.




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