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 How Induction Ranges Work and Advantages of Induction Range Cooking


Induction cooktops or ranges have been around for years but are gaining popularity as people discover the benefits.

Induction cooktops heat up only the pan, not the air around it and once you remove the pan the cooktop is cool to the touch. In addition to the safety of a cool cooktop and less heat in the kitchen there is the energy savings. An induction range is approximately twice as efficient  (uses half the electricity) of a normal resistance electric range.  An induction cooktop has been shown to be 84% efficient overall, meaning that 84% of the energy used goes into making heat. This means a big savings on your monthly electric bill especially if you cook a lot.

Principle Of Induction Cooktops

Induction ranges work by inducing a magnetic field between the element, underneath a smooth countertop surfact, and the pan. Because of differences in the properties of steel eddies of current occur creating heat from the resistance the current encounters in the pot. A current sensor in the cooktop removes the current once the pot is removed.

How Induction Cooking Is Different.

One nice feature of induction ranges is a smooth cooktop. This makes for easy cleaning. One thing you will have to adapt to though is the kind of pots you cook with.

Induction ranges work with any cast iron pot, pots and you can buy special lightweight nonstick pans that have a special metal bottom from makers such as Demeyere and All Clad stainless.

Basically, if a magnet will stick to the bottom of the pan it will work on an induction range.

 There are many makers of induction cookware and you can find brands at discount retailers such as Costco without breaking the bank.

 Unfortunately regular stainless steel does not work very well. Once you have bought new pots and pans and cook your first meal on an induction range you will fall in love with it.


You will notice an immediate difference in the amount of heat in the kitchen. You'll be more comfortable in front of the stove since there is no extra heat being put out into the room besides what is going into the dish you are cooking. This also means your air conditioner will not have to work as hard, also saving on our electricity bill.


Induction cooktops, since they are more efficient can boil water much faster that even gas ranges. It takes approximately three minutes to get a pot of water to full boil.

Green Benefits Of Induction Ranges

Because induction ranges use half as much electricity and also reduce heat generated inside your home, reducing the load on your air conditioner they can be considered a "green" appliance.

Safety Of Induction Cooktops

If you have small children you won't have to worry about the stove top staying dangerously hot for minutes after you turn off the heat. You still have to watch out for hot pans though and remember that any ferrous metal object, such as a coffee can placed on the burner can become heated if the stove is on.

Negatives of Induction Cooktops :

There really aren't any negative issues associated with induction cooking. Some users report that some pans but not others will produce a slight humming sound. This is coming from the cookware itself, not the range and does not seem to be a big problem, occurring only with certain pans at low levels




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