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Top 3 Honest Ways To Make Money Online Without Scams. Legitimate Residual Income Strategies


adsense residual income     Welcome To My Residual Income Project, By "The Builder Guy"

As a 47 year old with a regular full time job I decided to start a new kind of project a little over a year ago, a residual income project. I've worked in construction and in the oilfield for much of my life and wanted to find a way to make money at home with my computer.  Encouraged by friends who were having similar success working at home, I started by researching the most legitimate ways to build a stream of lasting residual income and avoid scams, multi level marketing of soap and other things I didn't believe in.

Disclaimer: Your results will vary depending on how much time your put into your online income project. No work equals no income. Some of the links to sites below give me credit for referring, you earn the same revenue share either way on the sites listed.

The One Hour A Day Plan For Honest Residual Income

 I wanted to see if I could reach one thousand dollars a month in residual income by working for one hour a day after work for one year, and then take a break once I had reached my goal. One year and a few weeks later I am at just over $1000 per month from all the sources combined.   I am not getting super rich but am now paying all of my mortgage payment.

 My sources of internet income include advertising revenue from websites, as well as third party sites such as Hubpages, Xomba among others.  I have decided not to take a break from my one hour a day residual income project but to keep going, writing more articles and making some new websites and trying to break $2000 per month.

Building Residual Income The Honest Way Takes Some Work, Just Like Any Building Project.

bookmarking sites share revenue adsense

Is there any way to make money online while staying at home or working part time? The simple answer is yes, but it takes a fair amount of time and effort. You may not want to hear that, but it is the truth.  The internet is full of scams and people who want to sell you the "one true method to success book or plan".

There are some pyramid schemes that, if you get in on the ground floor, can make you some money, for a little while. Multi-level marketing is another, but it is not my way. Some very persistent people are making some money by promoting cosmetics, motor oil, and other products on the web. How they do this usually involves sending a lot of e-mails to friends and family bugging them to visit your online store and buy stuff or join under you. I did not want to go that route, having tried it once before.

 Instead I focused on  tried and true internet money making strategies that pay you for actually doing or creating something. Just like building a home, if you build a sold foundation for your residual income it will last for years after the work has been done.

Honest Way To Make Money Online  #1.  Writing Articles For Revenue Sharing Sites.

adsense revenue sharing programs

I am not the best writer, but I love to write anyway. I frequently make grammatical and punctuation errors but I am improving.  Thank goodness for spell check and my wife who proofreads some of what I write. You don't have to be Hemingway to earn money from writing online. One legitimate way to make money online is to write articles for sites like Xomba and Hubpages.  If you can write easy to understand how-to articles, etc, and can come up with lots of original ideas, your articles will be found by by people who are searching the internet for whatever topics your submissions fall under. Some of those people will click on advertisements that are located near your article. Advertisers pay Google to place these ads on sites and give website owners like Xomba and Hubpages compensation for the ads being there. The owners of sites such will share some of the revenue from those ad clicks with you.  This is called revenue sharing. You can make money online by writing lots of good articles on revenue sharing sites. Depending on the type of ad featured, it may pay very well. For most of the sites below you will need an Adsense account which you can get after joining.

Top Article Writing - Revenue Sharing Sites

You don't have to be a good writer to earn money from sites like the ones below. All you need is to have original ideas, or write "how to" articles, etc, and write. You can use spell check if you are a terrible speller like me.

Squidoo: Another revenue sharing site is Squidoo. I don't do very well there, only about twenty cents per month and I've tried very hard. I believe part of the problem is the fact that it suffers from a poor Google ranking. Most clicks come from site users. I mean, when was the last time you Googled something and got a Squidoo page in the search results? See for more info.

Associated content is another site that pays you to write, although the requirements for articles are stricter. I have four articles there, which have made about dollar a piece in six months.

Xomba: One of my favorites. Easy to use site with a great Google page rank. Don't believe it? I'll bet you ten bucks if you write an article about "How To House Train A Golden Retriever" it will be on the front page of Google in ten minutes. (Note, recent changes in Google's search algorithm mean this may no longer be true, still, the site does have a good amount of traffic.) There you can write either articles or post links to websites and earn a fifty percent share of Google Adsense revenue from any ads next to your articles. Hubpages: Another of my revenue sharing sites, Hubpages is an excellent site for writers since you can earn from Google and Kontera ads that appear in your articles, PLUS, sell things and earn a commission through eBay and Amazon Associates programs. I have had very good success on Hubpages.  To see an example of an article that can make you money on Hubpages view this: :Tips on How To Stay Home And Make A Living From Articles 

 Webanswers: Although not an true article writing site, it is sort of like one in the respect that you write short articles answering questions submitted by site visitors. I make about ten to twenty bucks a month on Webanswers, and it's residual income from questions that I answered long ago. If your answer is chosen by the person who asked the question as the "best answer" you will continue to earn revenue from that answer for thereafter. If no "best answer" is chosen, and let's say there are three answers submitted, you have a share of the Adsense ads displayed on a 1/3 basis. For more info or to join see

How To Get Started In Adsense Revenue Sharing

Bookmark this page to refer back to. You may need to review this information about setting up an Adsense account.

  •  Step 1. Join some or all of the revenue sharing sites mentioned in this article.

  •  Step 2. Once you have joined follow the steps to set up an Adsense Account. Note: Some people have been having trouble establishing an Adsense. See below for how to get one more easily.

  •  Step 3. Invest your time and write, write, write. You won't earn unless you write lots of good articles

  •  Step 4. Get the support of your spouse and get them onboard writing articles or making a website with you.

To take advantage of some of most revenue sharing sites you must first get an Adsense account from Google. This is free and instructions can be found on most of the sites after joining up. Once you have your code you put that into your profile or account settings.

Easiest Way To Get An Adsense Account

Often persons who do not have any articles on a site like Hubpages or Xomba will not be approved for an Adsense account. The hands down easiest way to get approved for Google Adsense is to go to Google's own and set up an account. Write a few good long blog posts about anything, then go to your dashboard and choose "Monetize" and "set up Adsense". Follow the steps to apply for an account and you should be approved in about a week or so. You can do this after signing up for some of the revenue sharing sites below and then return and plug your code, beginning with the letters PUB, into your accounts.

How Does Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Work?

Most revenue sharing sites pay fifty percent of any advertising revenue they get from ads next to your article. Ads containing your code will be shown fifty percent of the time and ads containing the site's code will be shown the other fifty percent of the time.

Can I Go Ahead and Write Even If My Adsense Account Is Not Yet Active?

You can go ahead and write articles for sites like Xomba even if your Adsense account is not approved yet. This way you will build up an inventory of work even if you are not yet earning from it.  Once your account is active you simply copy and paste your Adsense account number beginning with "pub.." into your profile on the site. At that point you will begin earning from all the articles you have ever posted on the site.

Another Of My Favorite Sites For Revenue Sharing From Articles, Xomba

xomba revenue sharing

Xomba  is still one of my favorite revenue sharing sites even though they only share 60%. You can post an article of at least 150 words, called a Xombyte or you can post small bookmarks to other webpages you like, called  Xomblurbs. 

Xomba is pronounced "zomba" as in zombie.  It is one of the most popular "write for profit" revenue sharing sites. All you need to get started on Xomba is a Google Adsense account. You can join  Xomba first, and then follow the steps on their site to set up a new Google Adsense account.

 All the writing in the world won't make you any money if the site you are writing on has a poor  page rank. The page rank is the place that that site usually comes up when it is searched for on that search engine.  Since Xomba  has a good page rank, this ensures that your article may come up first among search engine results. (Note that changes in Google's algorithm have recently penalized content from "content farms" such as these, resulting in lower ranking in search results.)

The great thing is you don't have to maintain your own website and worry about things like page ranking and search engine optimization. You just write and get paid. It's that simple.  It takes about five minutes to join Xomba and a few more minutes to follow the links on the site to get your Google Adsense code.  You won't make any money on Xomba however if you don't write anything. 

Hubpages logo Hubpages

My other all time favorite third party site for earning income from writing articles is Hubpages. A "Hub" is what an article is called. Like Xomba there is virtually no topic that you cannot write about, as long as the topic is not obscene, inflammatory or highly controversial that it might offend. There are simple, easy to use guidelines that will help you publish your hub. Your hub is given a ranking, which is constantly updated, based on traffic to the article and quality of the article. To earn money on the site you must first have an Adsense account. To maximize your revenue, and earn from selling items related to your hub, you need to get an Amazon Associates account and an eBay partner account. You can find details on how to set this up after joining. How do you earn from selling things, you might ask? Say for instance you publish a hub about how to start an organic garden. You can chose to add a "Amazon or eBay capsule" and chose products like books, seeds, tools, etc that might be related. You earn a commission, up to 15% on Amazon and you earn from traffic directed to eBay, both clicks and sales. It's a win-win situation. Your revenue is shared fifty fifty with Hubpages, as it is on other sites, by your referral code coming up exactly half the time and the sites code the other half. All sales and clicks made under your code are credited to you.  See: Hubpages


website trafficGetting Traffic To Your Articles         earning money from social networks


Once your article is written you need to direct traffic to it. 

One very good way to build backlinks to an article is to write related articles on splinter topics on all of the sites mentioned above. For example, if you wrote an article on "how to build an off the grid cabin" on one site, you could write related articles like "How to install solar panels on a cabin" on Xomba and link back to that article. I have found this strategy very successful and for that reason I belong to several revenue sharing article sites. You must be careful though, Xomba has new rules against articles that are "too promotional".

Another way to get more traffic is by submitting it to social networking sites like Digg, Mixx, Facebook and so on. The more ways there are for people to find your article, the more traffic you will get, and therefore more revenue. You can "Digg" the article yourself and also  place a Digg icon next to the article for others to use. Sites like Hubpages, Xomba, eHow already have a tool to submit to multiple social networks. Post all of the articles you write to Twitter as well.

Use Social Bookmarking Sites For Website And Article Traffic

The sites above are examples of social bookmarking sites.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Just like your "Favorites" or "Bookmarks" where you save interesting websites, social bookmarking sites allow you to "tag" sites or bookmark them online where other members of that site's community can see them. You can organize your bookmarks, write comments about the sites, images, videos, etc, and share those bookmarks with others and make online friends with other bookmark users.  Why, you ask? When you find other members who are similar to you in their interests you can find some very interesting sites and cool content that you might not have found otherwise. When you use social bookmarking sites for promotion of your own sites and articles on Xomba, etc, be sure and add lots of other interesting content and become a valued community member. Otherwise you may be banned from the site for spamming.

#2 Honest Online Money Method: Making Your Own Website

What Kind Of Website To Start

 Note: When I first wrote this article I was making most of my income from third party sites like the ones above. In the past couple of years though, most of my income comes from sites that I own myself. Don't think that it is hard to start your own site or expensive to do so. Most hosting companies like Godaddy offer tech support who can help you get a Wordpress site up and running for only a few bucks a month. You can start a website about almost any subject but niche ones do better than others. For example you can start a site a website about backyard bird feeding and offer helpful pictures and information on the kinds of birds that may visit a feeder. Choose a domain name that has the key words your site is about. The example above should have a name like "", to rank higher in the search engines. Once you have made a website and have it up and running you can earn money from selling products like bird feeders through links on your site and earn by selling ad space.

One good potential money maker is to start an online store using the Associates program, which is a well respected associates program.  Another is the eBay partner network which pays you a commission on sales on eBay from links on your site. You can get a domain name now for as little as $8 a year with free hosting at, or Yahoo Hosting.  Avoid putting too many affiliate links on your website, since this may harm the search engine ranking. I have not been able to find out how many is too many, but I do know from experience that if you pepper an article page with too many commercial links it will get bumped down on the search engine.

Domain Names And Hosting For Your Website

Try a discount site like for cheap hosting.  Famous for Dana Kirkpatrick and Dale Earnhardt Jr. ads and low price website hosting and domain names. Half of my sites are on Godaddy and half are on Yahoo and I've had no down time or service interruptions on either.

Once your site is up and running you need to submit it to Google and Yahoo, using the link at the bottom of their page, and using a free site submission service. You can also submit your site to the human edited Open Directory Project at 

Selling Things on Your Website and Earning From Advertising.

A well designed website that features a good amount of unique information to visitors can easily generate over $100 a month from paid advertisements on the site, by selling products on the site by joining an affiliate program or direct sales using Paypal

 Once you have your website up and running you can join  programs like Adsense and start earning from relevant advertising on your website. You can also offer advertising on your website using sites like to sell ads.

A great way to monetize your website is to sell items directly. Paypal is one of the best ways to accept payment for merchandise since anyone with a credit card or Paypal account can buy from you without you having to pay costly credit card setup fees. Paypal can provide you with links that you can place next to your merchandise so customers can check out and pay securely through their secure website, without you having to set up a complicated online store.

Partner and Associate Programs

Once your page is made and is getting traffic you can add an Amazon store selling related merchandise such as bird feeders, etc. You will get from four to fifteen percent revenue for each sale on a sliding scale depending on how many items you sell.

List Of Programs You Can Use To Monetize Your Website

Amazon Associates is the largest affiliate program on the internet. You can earn from 4% to 15% commission on almost everything you sell from links you place on your site.

eBay Partner Network. Another money maker for your website is to join the eBay Partner Network. You will earn a commission for each item that you sell through a link to eBay.  To join visit the eBay Home Page and scroll to the bottom and click on the Affiliates tab.

Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the biggest pay per click advertising company. Not all websites qualify however. You can join Google Adsense by visiting:


Kontera offers publishers (website owners or bloggers) the ability to earn money from inline text ads. You have seen these as highlighted text, which will display an ad if hovered over. You probably won't earn as much as from other type of ads on your site, but it may be worth considering adding as a compliment to other revenue generators. The down side is a $100 payout, which may take months to get to.  I'm not too crazy about Kontera since it distracts visitors from your article or site content but some site owners love it.

Make Multiple Websites

Once you find what kind of sites work, you will want to build more of them about different subjects. Keep the content original. That applies to revenue sharing sites or your own website. Google's "robot" or software, scans pages on the internet and can spot duplicate content.  It will rank your page very low if it finds a duplicate elsewhere. Building a  revenue producing website takes time and knowledge of a web page editor such as Frontpage unless you use the live website editing features such as those from Easy CGI or Many people stick to writing articles on revenue sharing sites because they don't want to maintain their own site.  One way to get a site up and running without having to buy any software is to use the free program called Wordpress. It is available for free on most reputable hosting sites like Godaddy and  Using Wordpress to make a revenue generating content is not hard, it just takes time to learn it.

Other Honest Online Income Methods

I've never been crazy about online survey companies. Often they want too much personal info from you or they want you to buy a product to earn points. I do however use Swagbucks as my search engine and earn a few cents every day doing normal web searches. It's not much, but every penny counts when you are trying to make a living online. See for more details on how to earn from web searches. .' I tried a site called for a few weeks. You get paid a few cents for answering questions that pop up on your screen during the day. It turned out to be too much trouble for me but others might find it useful. Another way to earn a few dollars is Amazon's Mechanical Turk program. They contract out simple tasks, such as writing a description of a photo, to anyone around the world. Because you are competing with other members around the world the payment for each task may be very low. On average you can make around $3.00 an hour on Amazon's Mechanical Turk. I prefer to stick with residual income methods, that keep paying you long after you shut down the computer and walk away.


Based on my experience over the last year I have learned that it is possible to earn good money on the internet if you avoid scams like selling MLM products, surveys, paid clicking, etc and stick with writing articles about things you know about on revenue sharing sites like Xomba and Hubpages.

Stay at home parents and others can make enough to possibly pay one or more household bills or the mortgage, if they can generate enough good quality content on article sites and build a few websites that generate income.  It is not a way to get rich quick though. 

You must build a solid foundation of good original content and dedicate time every day to writing articles and maintaining your website (if you choose to start one.) It took me about a year, working an hour a day, to write enough articles and build several websites to get a good revenue stream going. 

Having a quiet and comfortable work space is helpful. My Office Has Two Computers For Multi Tasking

You need to set aside a place in your home to use as a quiet space for article writing and building your websites and dedicate at least one hour each day, on average. Having a spouse that understands you mission to create residual internet income is another plus. Having a high speed connection is very helpful, though not necessary. I find using two computers at the same time helpful, but again not necessary.

Update: (4/02/12)

My revenue from the larger article sites has fallen off dramatically due to the way Google penalizes articles from such large membership sites. Hopefully it will turn around. In the meantime I'm focusing more on sites that I own. I purchase my domain names on and host them there for a few bucks a month. In my opinion, owing your own site where you write your content is much more lucrative.

My income from eHow is now zero, since the company dropped their Writer's Compensation Program. Too bad, I was doing quite well there.

Dropped ChaCha. Too much time involved for too little pay. It might be OK for some but was a waste of time for the amount of revenue I earned. eHow articles have been taken down due to cancellation of the Writer's Compensation Program. (Too bad, I really liked earning on that site.)

Dropped Program: A few months ago I joined a affiliate program called Moreniche. From everything I could locate online there is no evidence it is a scam. Products included vitamins and Acai weight loss supplements. I placed ads on my websites, however could not get a single conversion (sale) which resulted in a commission. For this reason I quit the program and don't recommend it anymore since other ads can generate more revenue for you. I think that unless your site is highly targeted to the same product as they are selling you will have a hard time getting conversions from niche products. Also dropped all programs that involved taking so called surveys. Surveys are a scam in my opinion, all they are are sites to get you to sign up for things you don't need.

How I'm Doing, Monthly Earnings.

Your  own success may vary. The table below shows my actual earnings in June 2012 from checks, direct deposits and Paypal payments that I received from the sites below.

Click On Any Of The Links Below To Join Or For More Info.



Number Of Articles

Ebay Partner Nework 190.00 na
Webanswers 20.00 340
 Xomba  (articles) 110.00 255
My Websites, combined ad revenue $880.00 NA
Hubpages $150 312
Amazon Assoc. 300.00 na
Avg. Monthly Earnings About $1900.00  

Indicates Sites Where You Can Earn Referral Income.  Indicates No Referral Program Available  * disclosing income violates TOS

Update 10/20/2012:

Note: The most common reason that people fail to make any money from article writing sites is that they sign up, and never follow through with getting a Google Adsense account. An Adsense account is your key to making money on the web.

The best way to get approved for an Adsense account is to start a Google Blogger account, at, write a few posts to your blog and then go to your dashboard and sign up for Adsense. You should be approved in about a week or less. You take the code you get, usually beginning with the letters PUB or CA-PUB and enter it into your dashboard on Hubpages, Xomba and other sites.

Taxes On Your Earnings. Note: You will be expected to pay Uncle Sam taxes on your earnings. Some sites send out a W2 and for others it is up to you to report the income.




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