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Home Projects and Do It Yourself Tips


Here are some great how to tips on home improvement projects. If you are a do it yourself expert and want to share your advice and tips on home projects and remodeling please submit your article here.

     Handy Calculators:    Accurate Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter     My Tiny Calculator For Simple Calculations    

Units of Measurement Converter

How to install drywall yourself          How to wire a 30 amp RV to a breaker panel

How To Remove a Toilet   How To Protect Your Family From An Urban Disaster

How to remove ceramic tile from walls   How To Repaint A Plastic Lawn Chair

How to remove vinyl, ceramic floor tile and carpet  How To Choose Between An RO Unit and Faucet Filter

Will there be rebates for rooftop solar panels in 2008?  Which Water Filters Remove Fluoride?

Getting your home ready for a new baby, childproofing tips.

Do whirlybird roof vents and solar roof vents work?

Does insulating paint really work. The scoop about insulating paints.

How to prepare your home and family for peak oil.

Using Induction Cooktops

Solar Room Heaters and How They Work

How to Prevent Someone From Stealing Your Mail

Water timers help save water, save you time and money.

How to increase cell phone reception in a metal framed home or one with aluminum siding.

Why checking your home water quality is extremely important.

Save money and water with a dual flush toilet.

What size should a home backup emergency generator be?

How to get into rock tumbling as a hobby. Rock Polishing

How to Make A James Bond Spy Keychain

How to Heat Your Home During A Power Outage

How To Get Free Satellite TV with a Free To Air Dish, FTA

List Of North American FTA Free Satellite TV Channels

How long do drainback solar hot water heaters last?

 How to Convert Almost Any Toilet to Dual Flush

How to Reduce Light Pollution From Your Home

How To Clean Your Dryer Vent





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