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Hardhat Sun Shades And Neck Shades For Protection



Protect Yourself From UV Rays With A Hard Hat Sun Shield


Construction workers have a higher risk of skin cancer than many other workers due to long periods exposed to UV radiation from direct sunlight and UV rays reflected from nearby surfaces such as concrete. Studies have shown that construction workers can be exposed to 10 times the recommended daily exposure levels for UV radiation.Hardhat shades can help protect hardhat wearers from sunburn and skin damage. Incidents of skin cancer have been on the rise for the past couple of decades due to a thinner ozone layer. You can protect your face and neck from harmful UV rays with a hardhat sun shield.

Do Hardhat Shades affect the safety rating or affect the warranty of your hard hat?

No.  The type below, which require no holes to be drilled do not void the ANSI or other safety ratings of your hard hat. Neck shades just attach to the liner and have break away velcro straps that break away if necessary. Hardhat shades such as the Omega 2 full brim model are made of tough poly plastic and Lexan for many years of use in the harshest environment. They are easily removed.

Do Hardhat Shades affect visibility?

Not Really.  Models such as the Omega Full Brim Shade feature a smoke colored Lexan front that allow you to see overhead objects. Rear peripheral vision is barely affected and the shield is removable.

Will It Fit My Hardhat?

The Omega full brim hardhat shield fits Omega full brim hardhats only. Some users have found it to be a very close match to other models of hard hats.

The flexible OccuNomix hardhat sun shield below fits almost all hard harts. It offers important sun and heat protection to face, ears and neck and keeps the burning sun out of the eyes. It features a shade at the back that helps cool with evaporation from water or perspiration. With summer coming soon a hardhat sun shield works to keep you cool while working in the sun.

Note: Every company's safety policy is different and yours may not allow any objects such as a sunshade to be placed on your hardhat. It's a good idea to check with your safety officer before using one.






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