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Engine Power Is Reduced Message In Chevrolet Duramax Cause

By Scott

If you own a Chevrolet Duramax Diesel and drive it in the winter a lot, as I do, you may have had a message on your information center pop up that reads
"engine power is reduced". You will also often have the speed limiter engage and limit your speed to below forty miles an hour. I called numerous dealers about this issue until I finally found one that would admit what the problem was.

I all of these situations I was driving in cold damp weather. What happens is snow and ice or just cold condensation can build up in the air intake and cause the MAP sensor to malfunction. Drying the MAP sensor out with a hair dryer or leaving the vehicle in a warm garage overnight will end the problem. Typically the engine light, or symbol, will also come on. It will generally reset itself after a few days.

The engine power is reduced message will also go away after it warms up.

This problem is clearly a defect and in my opinion could cause one to be in danger of being run over by faster vehicles. It is as dangerous as a vehicle that over accelerates because you may have no way to speed up and get out of harms way if this happens during passing.

Solutions to the "engine power is reduced" problem on Chevrolet Duramax diesel pickups.

The dealer I spoke with recommended using a winter front, or plastic cover that fits across the front of the truck and helps prevent snowflakes and ice particles from being directly sucked into the air intake. I have spoke to other users and read on the diesel forums about relocating the MAP sensor.





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