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How To Control Mosquitos Naturally With Eco Friendly Solutions


Mosquito west nile virus.

by Karl Schultz, Austin, TX

Here are some eco friendly ways to kill mosquitoes. Not that  I needed an excuse to kill them, but now that mosquitos carry the West Nile Virus it is important to keep them controlled around where you live.

You don't have to nuke your yard with toxic chemicals to get rid of mosquitoes. There are some eco friendly mosquito control methods that work just as well, or even better that dangerous chemicals.

Prevention Of Mosquitoes

The best method is to not give them homes, such as old tires, which collect small pools of water, bottles, buckets, clogged gutters, stagnant birdbaths, etc,

Replace your pets water dish regularly so that mosquito larvae do not have a chance to hatch there.

Fix leaking outdoor spigots that may form pools of water where mosquito larvae can hatch.

Unclog rain gutters where mosquito larvae may breed.

Stock your permanent ponds with mosquito eating fish such as Gambusia affinis, which are available in pet stores. Consider installing a bat house or nesting sites for birds such as purple martins that eat mosquitos. Keep your window screens free of holes.


Least Toxic Solutions For Killing Mosquitoes

Eco Friendly Mosquito Control Methods. Use BT or bacillis thuringiensis israeliensis 'dunks'  to kill mosquitoes in rain barrels. It releases a biological larvicide that kills mosquito larvae after they hatch.

You can use citronella candles in outdoor areas to keep mosquitoes and other biting bugs away when you are outside.

Use topical repellents on pets in conjunction with heartworm medication prescribed by your vet. (Mosquitos carry heartworms too).

Use only product with a low concentration of DEET, under 10% for kids 2 to 12 and do not use DEET on kids under 2.

Please don't use mosquito foggers and bug zappers.

They both kill tons of beneficial insects every year.

Preying mantis are attracted to and killed by bug zappers and a dozen preying mantis kill more harmful insects than one bug zapper on full time.

Bug zappers can easily kill a dozen or more preying mantis a night!

For a natural mosquito repellent, try Bite Blocker Herbal Lotion, Kadco Skeeter D'Feeter (citronella) and Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent.

For mosquitoes in Standing Water try Summit Chemical Mosquito Dunks (Bacillis Thuringiensis Israeliensis) and Golden Bear Oil Specialties

For vegetation try Greenlight Yard Safe Cedar Cide and  Bonide Mosquito Beater

For airborne repellents try SC Johnson Citronella candles.

Part of the above information is from the Texas A & M Extension Service

By Karl Schultz, Austin, TX       





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