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Can Frontal Baldness Be Reversed?


The primary cause of frontal baldness  in men is due to a genetic predisposition to be sensitive to DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone. Androgenic alopecia is the clinical neme for the condition known as male pattern baldness which can affect all parts of the scalp. The chemical DHT comes from testosterone.  Some men have higher levels of DHT in the bloodstream and some men are also born with hair follicles that are more susceptible to damage from the chemical than other men. Under rare circumstances other factors such as diet and stress can exacerbate frontal hair loss.

Rogaine For Frontal Baldness?


The active ingredient in Rogaine is minoxidil. It comes in 2% and 5% solutions. If you read the instructions on a package of Rogaine you will note that there are no claims made as to the effectiveness of the product on frontal hair loss. Initially it was thought that Rogaine had no effect on frontal baldness however several small studies involving 5% minoxidil  have shown that it can prevent hair loss in approximately 40 percent of users and regrow hair in around 20 percent of users. These studies have been small and the results so mixed that the manufacturer has not chose to include these claims. Rogaine works by increasing circulation in the scalp and allowing blood flow to return to hair follicles. It does not reduce DHT in the scalp in the way that Propecia does, though it is thought to reduce DHT buildup by increasing circulation to the hair follicle. There products such as Spectral DNC, made by DS Laboratories, that contain minoxidl along with proprietary compounds that speed the delivery of the drug to the hair follicle. The makers of Spectral DNC claim that their minoxidil formulation is effective against frontal hair loss.


The drug Propecia, whose generic name is finasteride, is also mildly effective on frontal hair loss. Propecia works by reducing the level of Dihydrotestosterone in the scalp, allowing hair follicles that are sensitive to DHT to thrive. When the two treatments, Rogaine and Propecia, are used together many men see success in preventing further hair loss and some see mild regrowth. The key is to start early before the frontal hair loss becomes to severe.



In clinical studies the dandruff shampoo Nizoral, in the 2% prescription strength form, was shown to be as effective as 2% Rogaine in reducing hair loss. It is thought that the active ingredient, ketoconazole reduces the level of DHT in the scalp. Nizoral is the shampoo recommended most by doctors specializing in hair loss. (Source Wikipedia.) Nizoral shampoo seems to be well tolerated in both men and women suffering from frontal hair loss.

In cases of severe frontal hair loss, once the loss has been stabilized using Rogaine and Propecia and products like Nizoral shampoo, a hair transplant may be the only option to fully restore the frontal hairline. Today's technology enables doctors to implant very tiny grafts that leave no scar. The cost is not cheap and the process requires repeated doctor visits. If all else fails you can always go for the shaved head look. Believe it or not many women do find it attractive. In any event, your hair is not who you are. If you choose to put up a fight against hair loss you must decide if the cost is worth it. Combined Rogaine and Propecia treatments can cost over $100 a month so be prepared to shell out some money.

Other Treatments For Frontal Hair Loss

Some users have reported amazing results from laser combs in conjunction with other treatments for frontal hair loss. There are some compelling studies showing the efficacy of laser hair combs but these have mostly been funded by the comb makers themselves. It's hard to determine if the many satisfied users who post on hair loss forums are actual users or if the posts are being done by the laser comb makers. The price for these devices is very high, though there are copycat devices for sale on sites like eBay. If the testimonials are true they could be considered along with Propecia, Rogaine and Nizoral to fight frontal hair loss. Another promising treatment for frontal hair loss is PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. This procedure utilizes the patients own blood platelets, which are drawn from the body and separated out, then reinjected into the scalp. Results for this hair therapy seem to be mixed, with some patients experiencing a noticeable regrowth of frontal hair, while others patients see little or no new hair growth. PRP hair therapy is expensive, ranging from $900 to several thousand dollars, depending on how many treatments the patient undergoes.

Many men swear by the herb Saw Palmetto as a means to reduce hair loss. It may not be powerful enough however to prevent frontal baldness however. Saw palmetto is available in pill form and also in topical lotions which are advertised to reduce DHT in the scalp. For more on the effectiveness of saw palmetto see: Does Saw Palmetto Cure Baldness?

The information in this article is editorialized and in no way should be a substitute for medical advice. Always consult with your physician before taking any supplement.




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