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How to Tell If A Spider Is a Brown Recluse, Photos

loxoceles reclusa or the brown recluse spider. Note the fiddle pattern.

Learn to recognize what a brown recluse spider looks like. The main variety found in the United States has a violin or fiddle pattern on it's underside. Brown recluse spiders are brown in color. They are from between one quarter to one half inch in length.

Where They Live


Brown recluse spiders live throughout the temperate parts of the U.S., from Texas to the Midwest and throughout the West.

 You will find brown recluse spiders living under dry rocks, logs and often in old houses, basements and storage sheds. True to their name, brown recluse spiders prefer quiet, undisturbed areas such as old barns. You may find them living in quiet cabinets or areas that are infrequently disturbed. From these quiet places they may come out at night and hunt for bugs that are attracted by lights in the room. When working in any such areas always be careful.

The Effects Of Brown Recluse Spider Bites

The bite of the brown recluse contains enzymes that can cause flesh do die, or necrosis, around the bite. This can spread to a relatively large area from a small spider bite and can often leave lasting scars. With prompt medical treatment many of the damaging effects of brown recluse spider bits can be mitigated.

Precautions For Preventing Brown Recluse Spider Bites

Use caution when working any area where brown recluse spiders may live. Wear leather gloves and long pants that are tucked into boots when cleaning out storage barns and cabinets. You may want to pre-treat areas with a bug bomb the day before to kill any brown recluse spiders that may be inside.

Remember that brown recluse spiders do not bite humans on purpose. People are only bitten by brown recluse spiders when the spider is trapped underneath clothing our is frightened when it is touched. They do not "attack" people but bite as a defensive mechanism.




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