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Botox Treatment For Migraine Headache In Texas

There is compelling evidence that Botox is an effective treatment for migraine headaches. It has been reported that a reduction in the number of migraine headaches of up to 80% is possible with botox therapy. Botox was approved by the FDA in back in 1989 for treating strabismus and blepharospasm. In 2002, BOTOX� was approved for cosmetic surgery, being used to reduce facial wrinkles above the nose. Many patients receiving BOTOX for cosmetic reasons reported fewer migraine headaches after receiving the drug. This led to further studies and a larger use of BOTOX� for headaches. It is now used as a preventative therapy for headaches.

There are currently not many physicians treating migraine headaches with Botox in the United States. In Texas you may contact some of the offices below for further information. First you should see your primary care physician for a thorough diagnosis of your migraines and ask for a referral to one of the neurologists below.

You may see some relief from visiting a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who does Botox for cosmetic purposes however the most benefit for migraine sufferers from using botox comes when the treatment is applied to specific muscle groups that affect migraine headaches such as the temple and neck areas.

A neurologist or pain management specialist that specializes in Botox therapy for migraine headaches is your best bet.

Austin Texas Botox Migraine Physicians:

Neurology Solutions Consultants: 512-977-7000

Associated Neurological Specialties: 512-458-2600

Houston Texas Botox Migraine Physicians

Headache Clinic Of West Houston: 713-467-4082

Dallas Texas Botox Migraine Clinics:

San Antonio Texas Botox Migraine Clinics:




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