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Some Great Revenue Sharing Sites:

How To Make Money On Sites That Share Adsense Revenue With Writers

List Of The Top Revenue Sharing Sites On The Web

Did you know that you can make money just by writing articles about things that you know about? It's not a scheme or scam but a legitimate way of earning extra income every month. With a few dozen articles you could be making enough each month to pay your cell phone bill or buy a couple of meals for two at a nice restaurant.  You make money because of a new relationship between article sites and Google Adsense.

How Does Revenue sharing work? Your articles, which can be about any subject you can imagine, such as how to catch more fish or how to housetrain a puppy, will appear on a site such as Xomba, and may be found by people searching that site or search engines for terms like "How to Housetrain a Puppy". Those people that click on your article in the search results will read your article and possibly click on some of the Google Adsense ads that appear next to that article. The owner of the site gets that revenue and shares it with you.

Xomba and Hubpages,  True Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

A great site that you can join, write and get paid is called Xomba.  Like TheInfoMine,  Xomba is unique in that you can write almost any kind of article, from a "how to" article to one that shares your views on politics, movie reviews, product reviews and so on. All you need to start earning is a Google Adsense account, which takes about a week to be approved. You'll find full instructions on how to apply for an Adsense account on the Xomba website. They share 60% of advertising revenue with users.


Hubpages is one of the top ten Adsense revenue sharing sites. The site has a good page rank and an active community of members that rate and comment on each other's articles. In addition to sharing Adsense revenue they share Amazon Associates, Ebay and Kontera income from articles you write. This multi pronged approach to earning makes the site a real winner with writers seeking to build a stream on income from articles. They share 60% of advertising revenue with users. To see an example of an article that is earning money on Hubpages click here: Hubpages Article

Sites That Offer Higher Revenue Sharing Models

A growing number of niche sites offer article writers higher shares of Adsense revenue. A new one that has high reviews is TheInfoMine. In addition to 80% revenue from your articles you can place your own Amazon Associates links in the text of your article, as long as the article does not read like an advertisement. If you just want to participate, they share 100% of Amazon Associates revenue sharing you don't even have to have an Adsense account. You can write about almost any subject, such as how - to articles, stories, travel blogs, etc. TheInfoMine is my favorite new site.

Update: TheInfoMine is no longer accepting new members. Other sites you might try instead include, and is another site that share 100% of Adsense revenue with users. The site reportedly now charges a fee for users, which is disappointing to say the least.



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