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Arizona Treasure Hunting And Metal Detecting

arizona metal detecting for gold

Good treasure hunting and metal detecting locations in Arizona abound. For metal detector enthusiasts the cradle of the old west holds buried western relics as well. Even iron meteorites have been found by Arizona treasure hunters. There are many legends of lost gold, such as the Lost Dutchman mine in the Superstition mountains that have kept Arizona treasure hunters busy for generations. Gold has been found in almost every part of the state.

For those seeking placer gold or gold nuggets in Arizona there are a couple of good spots in the Prescott National forest. Lynx Creek and La Posa offer camping and an opportunity for surface finds with metal detectors. See the map of the Prescott National forest below. For information on gold panning and metal detecting in the Prescott National forest you can contact the ranger's station at (928) 443-8000  or (928) 777-2200. You can request information on gold prospecting, camping permits, and regulations pertaining to what you can and cannot keep.

What You Will Need For Arizona Treasure Hunting

You will need to decide if you plan to pan for gold, which is the most common method, or use a metal detector. Each method has it's advantages.

Using a gold pan is very hard work. However for those with a strong back and a desire to find gold they are the cheapest means possible. Gold panning kits can be found in almost any tourist trap in Arizona. Most of the ones sold go without having ever found any gold, mostly because first time users do not know the proper technique and give up after a couple of hours. Gold panning is an art. You can find some good instructional video on gold panning methods on sites like 

Metal detectors are the preferred means of treasure hunting in Arizona by those with not so strong backs. Technology of modern metal detectors has come a long way and newer models are able to discriminate between junk such as beverage tops and actual gold. Expect to spend as much as $1000 for a good metal detector. Popular brands include White and Garrett, Tesoro and Bounty Hunter.

Metal detectors can be used to find surface nuggets along steam beds and dry washes and creeks in Arizona. Gold hunters who use metal detectors wear headphones and scan the rocks and soil for subtle changes in the tone given off. An experienced metal detector user can locate very small nuggets or gold flakes.

Precautions For Metal Detecting And Treasure Hunting In Arizona

Many of the areas where you will be treasure hunting in Arizona are environmentally sensitive. Gold panning is prohibited in many areas because of the sediment it stirs up. Similarly digging can holes randomly in the landscape without any effort to cover them up is thoughtless. One good reason to join a treasure hunting club in Arizona is that most teach how to metal detect responsibly with respect to the environment.

Never cross into private property without permission and always get permission for metal detecting and gold panning from the ranger's office in any national forest. Watch for snakes and always notify someone of where you will be searching and what time you will return.

Avoid entering any old abandoned gold mines since they can collapse and trap you inside. Be aware of bears and mountain lion territory and act accordingly. Arizona can be a place of extremes. Always carry water, foul weather gear and some means of communication. There are many active mining claims on public lands in Arizona. Avoid prospecting in anyone's mining claim or you could face charges for trespassing.

Best Time Of Year For Arizona Treasure Hunting

For lower elevations where the heat can be extreme plan a treasure hunting vacation during the cooler months of the year such as April and May. Wear cool clothes, a hat and use plenty of sunscreen. Higher elevation gold prospecting locations are best visited in the warmer months. For surface metal detecting you will need to wait for streams swollen with snow runoff so go back below their normal levels.

Where to find resources for Arizona treasure hunting and gold prospecting. When it comes to finding gold and treasure in Arizona it helps to have a treasure map. You can find maps of known gold bearing streams and washes from local metal detector dealers and online. Consider joining an Arizona treasure hunting club. You can contact Havasu Gold Seekers here:   Another is the Roadrunners Prospector Club. You can request an application from them at the following address: RRPC, P.O. Box 56804, Phoenix, AZ 85079-6804

Metal detecting, treasure hunting and gold panning are all great family activities. Though you may never strike it rich it is a fun and wholesome outdoor activity that can be shared by the entire family.

arizona gold prospecting

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