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How to reset the Toyota Prius Maintenance Required Light

Here is how to reset the Prius maintenance required light that is hard to find in the manual.

I Really Love my Little Prius.                                 

As a matter of fact I don't now anyone who owns one who doesn't feel the same way, especially when you stop at the gas pump. I've had no real problems with the car in the last year, just one annoyance, the "maintenance required light".

Here is how to fix the Prius Maintenance required light when it comes on.

(It is a reminder to change the oil. It does not tell you how dirty or not your oil is. You should change your oil regularly, even more often that what your owner's manual recommends, in my opinion, and not rely on this light but instead the sticker on your windshield as to when you need an oil change.)

By Sandy.

First Step To Reset The Prius Maintenance Required Light :

Power the ignition on by pressing the power button twice and not stepping on the brake pedal.

Second Step To Reset The Prius Change Oil Light :

Put the trip meter - odometer in the normal (odometer miles) position. Turn the  power button off.

Third Step To Reset The Prius Maintenance Light

Press the big power button twice without touching the brake while holding down the ODO trip meter reset button for at least 5 seconds. The display will read 000000 then  will display your mileage and then the Prius maintenance required message will be reset.

Drive in Peace




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